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Little Bit of Heaven

August 2022

This upbeat tune is a great summer anthem. The vibe is energetic and uplifting, while a deeper look at the lyrics reveal it's about overcoming PTSD and seeing the good amidst dark situations.

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Loved You First

January 2022

"Loved You First" is yet another example of Qarreo's unique ability to craft a heavenly musical soundscape, all the while expressing the deepest of human emotions. Listeners are welcomed in with light guitar strumming, a soothing backbeat and, of course, Amoré Be's sultry lyrics."

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The Little Drummer Boy

December 2021

"Qarreo’s spin on “The Little Drummer Boy” is soothing, sultry and nothing short of sensational. Combining bongos with other percussive instruments, a mysterious Middle Eastern vibe is proffered to the listener, which — considering the location of Bethlehem — is an accurate adjustment from the original."

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Dancing In The Rain

(Through The Roots cover) ~ October 2021

“Dancing in the Rain” is exactly what we should be doing, now at the tail-end of such an anxiety-ridden pandemic.

2020 certainly didn’t measure up to anyone’s plans and 2021 is still stuck in its lingering shadow. Despite a tumultuous year (and a half, really), Qarreo rode the wave triumphantly, producing the single “Let Me Stay”, featuring HIRIE guitarist Blaine Dillinger. In it, lyrics spell out how “we danced in the rain together”; what better sister single could there be than a cover of Through The Roots’ dub-heavy “Dancing in the Rain”? Hope and optimism can exist on the horizon, if “life’s a thunderstorm and I’m just dancing in the rain”.

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Got You

[Feat. Sam Moredo] July 1 —International Reggae Day, 2021

Amore and her sister team up over production by Jon Cunard and JB, to bring this goodvibes/chillout song about loyalty and the assurance that your loved ones got your back.

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Qarreo | Healing Cirquit

[Debut Album] ~ March 2021

This album was recorded during the 2020 quarantine, remotely between Nashville, New York, and the Philippines, with producers Jon Cunard and Kindred Productions. Qarreo's mission is to speak life and touch lives through their music; to spread love, hope, and healing. Overcoming fear and healing became a natural theme for Qarreo while launching in 2020. Just like the art of Kintsugi (represented in the cover art), brokenness can be restored by mending the pieces with gold to be made new, and even more valuable through the healing process.

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Let Me Stay

Featuring Blaine Dillinger of HIRIE ~ October 2020

Qarreo's  2020 single, featuring Hirie guitarist Blaine Dillinger, is about overcoming fear in a new relationship. After putting up walls from being hurt in past relationships, Amore Be wrote this song about her own journey towards allowing her heart to love again, from running away from it, to saying "Let Me Stay." Co-produced by Jon Cunard, Blaine Dillinger, and Sergio Sanchez.

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Beautiful Love

February 2014

JB & Amore's second collaboration is a mellow, downtempo song with beatboxing and minimal production. It offers the listener a realistic look into romance, identity, self-image, fear, and freedom from what holds us back. Lyrics and vocals by Amore Be.
Production by Jon Cunard and JB

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Never Alone

November 2013

Orginally released as part of JB's EP, Message Among Sound, this is the first collaboration between JB & Amore. This songs speaks to anyone dealing with manipulation, depression, regret, and loneliness, you are not alone.

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Little Bit of Heaven
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