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About Qarreo

QARREO is the music duo consisting of Filipino singer/songwriter Amore Be and American drummer/percussionist Joshua “JB” Benson. The word Qarreo means 'courageous' and 'of good cheer' (a.k.a. 'good vibes'). While launching in 2020, overcoming fear has emerged as a natural theme in their songwriting.

Pulling from different influences, their sound is a dynamic blend of both of their musical backgrounds, fusing sounds of rock, blues, electronica, hip hop, dub, and reggae.

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About "Let Me Stay"

Qarreo's new 2020 single featuring guitarist Blaine Dillinger, of the reggae band, Hirie
Co-produced by Jon Cunard, Blaine Dillinger, and Sergio Sanchez.

This song is about overcoming fear in a new relationship. After putting up walls from being hurt in past relationships, Amore Be wrote this song about her own journey towards allowing her heart to love again, from running away from it, to saying "Let Me Stay."

"Pushing people away, or running away was my go-to signature move, until I realized it was actually a self-sabotaging defense mechanism. I wrote this song about my own personal journey towards allowing myself to love again amidst my fear of commitment and relationships in general."— Amore Be 

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Let Me Stay Lyrics:

This is the time

When my heart would've run away

Afraid of being in a vulnerable place

Stay in this place

Is what my heart keeps tellin' me

It's okay to let him in, it's okay to be happy
So how do you do it

How do you hold my heart so well

Like you got me under a spell

In the chaos

You are my peace

In your embrace, let me stay
Take my hand

We'll chase our dreams together

How hard can it be

We've danced in the rain together

You know it's real

You know it's somethin' really special

When everythin' else just don't make sense

Still your love is so intense

It's amazing

It's amazing
It's amazing

What love can do

To you

©Andrea Moredo Benson 2020

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Lyric Video featuring the art of Joshua Benson

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