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About Qarreo

QARREO (pronounced ka-ray-oh) is the eclectic, ethereal music duo consisting of Filipino singer/songwriter Amore Be and American drummer/percussionist Joshua “JB” Benson. Pulling from different influences, their sound is a dynamic blend of both of their musical backgrounds, fusing rock, blues, electronica, hip hop, reggae, and dub.

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About "Loved You First"

Qarreo's new 2022 single set to release January 28, 2022

Written & Produced by Qarreo and RB Bandiola,
Mixed & Mastered by Jet Paz

Qarreo starts off this new year with another International collaboration with some of their people in the Philippines!

Mixing ambient elements with traditional and electronic instruments, Qarreo brings another dreamy song to zone out to. It's topped with JB's percussion beatboxing, held together with Amore's sultry, layered vocals.   

This song is about Looking at the dynamics of different kinds of love, this song takes the listener back to its purest form.

Loved You First EPK: Bio

Loved You First Lyrics:

I'll wait

While you hesitate

Won't boast

I'll tear down my barricade

Go ahead

I won't resent you

No crimson red

On a winter's day

'Cause I loved you first

The truth

Is that my love won't break

Not watered-down

For goodness' sake

I know your heart

Won't trust anyone

But if you let me I'll

Take care of you

'Cause I loved you first

I loved you first

Before you ever knew

©Andrea Moredo Benson 2022

Loved You First EPK: Bio

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Loved you First

Streaming Links (coming January 28, 2022)

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