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The Little Drummer Boy


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Ethereal eclectic group Qarreo feels the spirit of the season with their twist on the holiday favorite, "The Little Drummer Boy" — available on all digital outlets as of December 3rd, 2021. Consisting of one half Filipino singer-songwriter Amoré Be and American drummer/percussionist Joshua "JB" Benson, Qarreo blends together sounds from all over the world to create music that is uplifting, inspiring and outspoken.

In "The Little Drummer Boy", Qarreo creates an exquisite soundscape to coexist with the drummer boy's triumphant appearance in the story of the  wisemen en route to Bethlehem. Originally written by American classical music composer and teacher Katherine Kennicott Davis in 1941, Qarreo's version is exactly what the carol needs to be inducted into the 21st Century. Delicate and heavenly, this downtempo take on the Christmas classic will be the ultimate vibe this holiday season!

Using African and middle eastern drums, zillz (finger cymbols), tambourines, a shofar (Hebrew ram's horn) and middle eastern oud (similar to a lute), Qarreo's signature ethereal eclectic sound was rendered, held together with Amore's sultry vocals. All was beautifully blended together with the help of Hunter the Oracle (Oracle Sound Studios), producer and drummer of Th3rd Coast Roots."

—Noteworthy PR

"With downtempo trancy beats and airy vocals, this version is set to be an instant holiday favorite. Qarreo’s spin on “The Little Drummer Boy” is soothing, sultry and nothing short of sensational. Combining bongos with other percussive instruments, a mysterious Middle Eastern vibe is proffered to the listener, which — considering the location of Bethlehem — is an accurate adjustment from the original."
Top Shelf Music Mag

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